Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Amaulia!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin Amelia "blank" Parry! I love you and miss you! Wanna be roommates again? I do! I hope you have an awesome day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amarillo by morning, up from San Antone

I went to visit Mike for 2 weeks and had a lot of fun! I hung out with one of the other wives, Carlie, whom(who) I have known for awhile now. I played Tennis, went swimming, watched movies and TV shows, went to dinner a few times and took walks in the rain. Doesn't that all sound so romantic? Then our husbands would come home... We like them. I took a ton of pictures while I was there and I will show you a scrapbook page she made that is awesome. I will also show you my most recent scrapbook pages.

These pictures are a result of me asking Mike to just stand up straight and take a nice picture that Zach had requested. He is such a peach.


Carlie, me, Syd

We are so in love... you can see it in our expressions

The sweet wrap my mother in law got me in Lake Tahoe... Look at how many styles I can make! Wow!

This is the one Carlie did with our pictures of the last 2 weeks... what? shes been scrap booking longer than me OK?

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Back!

Hello... Sorry about the 8 month gap ok? I lost my camera, I was in Illinois and Alabama for 2 months for training on my job, I am going to be managing a Jimmy John's sandwich shop, Mike is in Texas working and has been since may 4th and will be until september 1st and I have a new hobby. I love it so much! I learned how to digital scrapbook. Don't judge me ok because I just learned a couple days ago and I am still learning but here is a little taste of what I did for hours and hours yesterday:

these 2 are really just practice ones to get me used to photoshop. YA! I LEARNED PHOTOSHOP! they were my first ones.

I will post some pictures of me in the next couple of days since I have a rad new camera now... love you all!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas, Mario Kart and family... all the best things

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday to very attractive, 2 year old Bridger! I love you! So I got a digital camera from my in laws which was so freaking nice and so I have real pictures now.

These pictures were both from the very talented and attractive Aunt Debi. I hung them up and they look so good. Thank again Aunt Debi!

My parents, Michael, Eliza and Cadence all came to visit me this last weekend and I loved it. I loved seeing Cadence. She is so smart and cute. These are her "special" ponytails which is what Eliza had to tell her to get her to wear them. She was also playing Mario Kart with us and got really into it. Every time she would be stuck against the wall or fall of the edge she would stand up in frustration and yell things like, NOOO! or What the heck! I am really glad her parents let her come up without them.
Cash is getting bigger and is such a good dog. He is cuddling with Mike in these pictures. He has been cuddling with us a lot lately and I love it.

This is one of the toys I got him for Christmas. It used to have a squeaky Santa on top but that didn't last long. He chewed it up which is obvious by all of the stuffing in the background. I put it on his head to entertain ourselves watching him try and get it off. He looks like William Shakespeare.
This is my front yard a couple of days ago. Mike spent hours shovelling all of the snow off of the sidewalk and driveway. Better him than me is what I always say. He is such a hard worker.

Mike's brother Brandon got guitar hero world tour for Christmas and this is us obviously rocking our hearts out. We have a good band. We had a lot of fun on Christmas Eve playing this until like 2 in the morning. Even his dad and sister joined in to sing.

Christmas dinner with delicious prime rib and potatoes and not so good lobster... I hate seafood so much.

Mike and I before dinner. You can tell he was really thrilled to take this picture. The one I took before this was heinous.

My brother in law Brandon and I. We are so cool. I love you all and will hopefully post more new years pictures. And maybe even our first kiss of 2009...You all know you want to see it. Happy new years everyone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas and winter are officially here

First I have to apologize... Cash chewed up our camera so I had to take all these crappy quality pictures on my phone... so the color is sucky, the pictures are very blurry but you will get the idea hopefully!

This is our tree... It was the first time I had ever gone up to the mountains and cut down my own tree. Well I didn't cut it down but I picked it out. It was fun but I will never do it again. It was way too cold and noone told me how slippery cowboy boots are in the snow or how cold people's toes get who wear cowboy boots. I am glad I did it the once though. I will probably have more pictures of that trip later because my sister in law Kate took a bunch. It is kind of small but it is our first Christmas so BACK OFF!

This is our fireplace and Mike's. Cash's and my stocking... I got them at Big Lots for a few dollars each. I like them.

This is a picture from our front door when I woke up this morning... There is ALOT of snow here. Winter came really late this year which I am OK with but now that it is here I am ready for it to be gone!

This is my nativity set that Mike's mom got me for my bridal shower. I like it... all I need for it is the stable and 3 wise men. It is pretty.

This is Mike dressed to go shovel snow off of our walkway and driveway. He has been doing it everyday because otherwise it gets really icy. He is nice.

This is Cash playing in the snow. He loves to eat it and shove his face in it. Even when he starts shivering I can't get him to come in. The snow got up to his neck today... he was almost completely buried. It was cute.

This is another decoration that Mike's mom got me. I got to pick it out the other day. She said she starts her married kids off with some decorations for their first Christmas. I think it is pretty freaking cute.
Anyway...that is all for now. I hope you all can see the pictures. Merry Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Holidays!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My house and other stuff...

Hi. I have found a lot of pictures that I thought some of you would like to have because some are of your kids and stuff... and I took some pictures of my house.

This is when Jessica went in to check on the boys and she couldn't find Broderick. Then she looked into the crib and realized that he had climbed into bed with Bridger and fell asleep. It was really cute and funny.

This is Eliza the day we got Cash. He is so small in this picture and so cute. I love my dog.

This is Bridger kissing his daddy while he is away in the middle east. It was really cute... Jessica pointed to the picture and asked Bridger who it was and he said daddy and kissed him.

The two couch potatoes watching TV... I bet Jessica wished they really were couch potatoes with how active they are...

Me and my really attractive 90 year old grandma... she doesn't look a day over 81!

Eliza made aprons for some reason and gave them to Jack and Cadence. They were helping Grandpa in the kitchen with Sunday dinner.

This was Cash last night. He LOVES to lay with whoever is in the lazy boy recliner and sleep on there lap or behind there head. He loves to be Mike's pillow.

He looks so innocent here doesn't he? He isn't always innocent...he nips and bites but he is house trained.

This is the entrance to my house. Even though we have a shoe rack right next to the door we obviously don't use it.

This is our living/family room.

This is our dining room and That pile on top of the table is all of your thank you cards... they are coming I promise. I am just waiting for my return labels to come in the mail.

This is our kitchen. Thank you Jessica for the Findarle sign above my sink. I love it.

And this is Cash playing in the snow. When it rains he won;t even stand on the grass but in the snow he buries his head completely and eats the snow and loves it. That is all for now. We got our washer and dryer last week and so our room is covered with laundry clean and dirty so I will post pictures of our new bedroom set later. BYE!