Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas, Mario Kart and family... all the best things

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday to very attractive, 2 year old Bridger! I love you! So I got a digital camera from my in laws which was so freaking nice and so I have real pictures now.

These pictures were both from the very talented and attractive Aunt Debi. I hung them up and they look so good. Thank again Aunt Debi!

My parents, Michael, Eliza and Cadence all came to visit me this last weekend and I loved it. I loved seeing Cadence. She is so smart and cute. These are her "special" ponytails which is what Eliza had to tell her to get her to wear them. She was also playing Mario Kart with us and got really into it. Every time she would be stuck against the wall or fall of the edge she would stand up in frustration and yell things like, NOOO! or What the heck! I am really glad her parents let her come up without them.
Cash is getting bigger and is such a good dog. He is cuddling with Mike in these pictures. He has been cuddling with us a lot lately and I love it.

This is one of the toys I got him for Christmas. It used to have a squeaky Santa on top but that didn't last long. He chewed it up which is obvious by all of the stuffing in the background. I put it on his head to entertain ourselves watching him try and get it off. He looks like William Shakespeare.
This is my front yard a couple of days ago. Mike spent hours shovelling all of the snow off of the sidewalk and driveway. Better him than me is what I always say. He is such a hard worker.

Mike's brother Brandon got guitar hero world tour for Christmas and this is us obviously rocking our hearts out. We have a good band. We had a lot of fun on Christmas Eve playing this until like 2 in the morning. Even his dad and sister joined in to sing.

Christmas dinner with delicious prime rib and potatoes and not so good lobster... I hate seafood so much.

Mike and I before dinner. You can tell he was really thrilled to take this picture. The one I took before this was heinous.

My brother in law Brandon and I. We are so cool. I love you all and will hopefully post more new years pictures. And maybe even our first kiss of 2009...You all know you want to see it. Happy new years everyone!


Jessica said...

I love you and your pictures and your everything. You need to get your bum over here so I can miss you less.

Karalee said...

Merry First Christmas to the Findarles! That is very exciting. You rock hard.

Becky said...

Nice pictures. What kind of camera did you get? Why isn't there a picture of me in your blog. Cadence isn't the only one that went to Utah you know.Sheesh!

Hotzebra said...

Love the pictures of you guys in your cowboy hats. Very attractive. Glad I got to see you and meet Mike. He's better then I dreamed about! haha

Jacob Parry said...

I am so happy that you live only 40 minutes away, yet we never talk or see each other. That is messed up...lets change that, okay?

Zachariah Parry said...

Is it weird that Kim is dreaming about Mike?

I think I comment on your blog more often than you post on it, so no more complaints.

Ingrid Harris said...

cute dog...i think i need a dog, so i won't be so bored and lonely all the time.

mid said...