Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amarillo by morning, up from San Antone

I went to visit Mike for 2 weeks and had a lot of fun! I hung out with one of the other wives, Carlie, whom(who) I have known for awhile now. I played Tennis, went swimming, watched movies and TV shows, went to dinner a few times and took walks in the rain. Doesn't that all sound so romantic? Then our husbands would come home... We like them. I took a ton of pictures while I was there and I will show you a scrapbook page she made that is awesome. I will also show you my most recent scrapbook pages.

These pictures are a result of me asking Mike to just stand up straight and take a nice picture that Zach had requested. He is such a peach.


Carlie, me, Syd

We are so in love... you can see it in our expressions

The sweet wrap my mother in law got me in Lake Tahoe... Look at how many styles I can make! Wow!

This is the one Carlie did with our pictures of the last 2 weeks... what? shes been scrap booking longer than me OK?


Aivaz Family said...

Precious. You should live with me, mmkay?

Becky said...

Lookin' good. You were right the first time, it's whom.

Carlie said...

hey cute pages! I loved it. your my hero

Amber said...

Very fun! You guys are cute together!

Becky said...

I did not post that grammar correction.

Really? Tie die?

Mike has got to lose the long beard! A little too whiskey tango. Know what I mean?

Cute scrapbook pages, except for the whole tie die thing. Weren't you the one who wouldn't let me buy Michael a tie die shirt in New Orleans?

Jessica said...

What is that thing on Mike's face? Is it alive?

Why isn't Mike wearing his wedding ring. Are you guys okay?

I like you and Mike and I like the kissing picture. You are so cute together.

Eliza said...

No, mom...what could you possibly mean by whiskey tango?

Audrey, you are rather attractive.

Tie die is offensive.

Hotzebra said...

I love the wrap poses. You should be a wrap model. And I love scrapbooking pages. You should be a scrapbooker.

Jacob Parry said...

That looks like fun...You look so different in those blog.

mid said...