Thursday, November 13, 2008

My house and other stuff...

Hi. I have found a lot of pictures that I thought some of you would like to have because some are of your kids and stuff... and I took some pictures of my house.

This is when Jessica went in to check on the boys and she couldn't find Broderick. Then she looked into the crib and realized that he had climbed into bed with Bridger and fell asleep. It was really cute and funny.

This is Eliza the day we got Cash. He is so small in this picture and so cute. I love my dog.

This is Bridger kissing his daddy while he is away in the middle east. It was really cute... Jessica pointed to the picture and asked Bridger who it was and he said daddy and kissed him.

The two couch potatoes watching TV... I bet Jessica wished they really were couch potatoes with how active they are...

Me and my really attractive 90 year old grandma... she doesn't look a day over 81!

Eliza made aprons for some reason and gave them to Jack and Cadence. They were helping Grandpa in the kitchen with Sunday dinner.

This was Cash last night. He LOVES to lay with whoever is in the lazy boy recliner and sleep on there lap or behind there head. He loves to be Mike's pillow.

He looks so innocent here doesn't he? He isn't always innocent...he nips and bites but he is house trained.

This is the entrance to my house. Even though we have a shoe rack right next to the door we obviously don't use it.

This is our living/family room.

This is our dining room and That pile on top of the table is all of your thank you cards... they are coming I promise. I am just waiting for my return labels to come in the mail.

This is our kitchen. Thank you Jessica for the Findarle sign above my sink. I love it.

And this is Cash playing in the snow. When it rains he won;t even stand on the grass but in the snow he buries his head completely and eats the snow and loves it. That is all for now. We got our washer and dryer last week and so our room is covered with laundry clean and dirty so I will post pictures of our new bedroom set later. BYE!


Hotzebra said...

I love your cute house!! How fun that you are all grown up now. All you need is some little kids running around!! Love you and miss you tons!

Jana Davis said...

Finally I got the tour! It was like I was there in person! Excellent job! Thanks. I'll come up I promise! Pinky...

Jessica said...

Thanks for the pictures and you're welcome for the sign.

I want to see the front of your house.

Who has been sleeping on the couch? Are you guys okay?

Cash is cute but to be honest, I never want to see a dog again in my life (courtesy of Digger and Memphis).

I like you. I like Mike, too. Come over, k?

Becky said...

Nice pictures. It reminds me so much of our house in Pleasant Grove. Probably because it is the same house plan.

Eliza said...

You watch Family Guy? Scandalous. JK thta show is funny. I like you and your dog and your house.

Elaine Parry said...

Nice job. So glad you got a house and a real washer and drying. Sounds like you are all set up for life. Love you guys.