Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas and winter are officially here

First I have to apologize... Cash chewed up our camera so I had to take all these crappy quality pictures on my phone... so the color is sucky, the pictures are very blurry but you will get the idea hopefully!

This is our tree... It was the first time I had ever gone up to the mountains and cut down my own tree. Well I didn't cut it down but I picked it out. It was fun but I will never do it again. It was way too cold and noone told me how slippery cowboy boots are in the snow or how cold people's toes get who wear cowboy boots. I am glad I did it the once though. I will probably have more pictures of that trip later because my sister in law Kate took a bunch. It is kind of small but it is our first Christmas so BACK OFF!

This is our fireplace and Mike's. Cash's and my stocking... I got them at Big Lots for a few dollars each. I like them.

This is a picture from our front door when I woke up this morning... There is ALOT of snow here. Winter came really late this year which I am OK with but now that it is here I am ready for it to be gone!

This is my nativity set that Mike's mom got me for my bridal shower. I like it... all I need for it is the stable and 3 wise men. It is pretty.

This is Mike dressed to go shovel snow off of our walkway and driveway. He has been doing it everyday because otherwise it gets really icy. He is nice.

This is Cash playing in the snow. He loves to eat it and shove his face in it. Even when he starts shivering I can't get him to come in. The snow got up to his neck today... he was almost completely buried. It was cute.

This is another decoration that Mike's mom got me. I got to pick it out the other day. She said she starts her married kids off with some decorations for their first Christmas. I think it is pretty freaking cute.
Anyway...that is all for now. I hope you all can see the pictures. Merry Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever.


Becky said...

So you finally got the lights working. Yea! Everything looks great. Did you finish your laundry?

Jana Davis said...

first of all nice pics regardless of how you took them... second anyone who is anyone knows not to wear cowboy boots in the snow.. they have no traction... haven't you seen Napoleon Dynamite? He has GREAT boots to wear all year round... obviously!!Love you!