Sunday, November 2, 2008

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised

I know it has been forever but I have been moving, doing my schooling, and I didn't have internet for awhile so back off. I will just post a load of pictures and then explain them if needed.

This is our puppy Cash. We got him when he was 6 weeks old... the above picture is him at 6 weeks old... and he is about 13 weeks old now. He is VERY active but such a good dog.

This is Mike and my feet this morning... it was cold so I put my toe socks on him. He said he looked like cookie monster which is funny because he did look like cookie monster.

Sarah, Melanie and me Halloween night. Us and some friends had a costume party. I was robin hood.

Mike was Ricky Bobby from the movie Talledaga Nights.

This is a moose that Mike and his friends got after months of hunting and some lonely nights for me. And all we get out of it is some meat...yuck. But I did get to go out with them a couple times. I love dressing up in camo and looking for animals. It is suprisingly fun.

We went hunting for antelope and this is us holding hands after us gutting it and skinning it. I was going to put very graphic pictures on there but decided against it (you're welcome Eliza) but I am putting a couple graphic ones.

I am so brave

He is so tough...

My father in law and me in front of the dead antelope

Cash is getting bigger and he is still so freaking cute.

Mike and I went to go spotting for a moose for his buddies hunt... and this moose came 20-30 yards from us. I was so scared, I have never seen a moose so close and it was so big! I thought it was going to kill us honestly

Eliza, Michael, Jacob Mike and I all went to go paint pottery. It was so fun. Mine is the vase, Eliza did the blue mug, Jacob the plate and Michael the superman mug. Mike was painting some cowboy boots but never finished. We are all so talented.

Anyway, That is pretty much our lives for the last few weeks... Ill post another one of our house in a couple days. we just got a washer and dryer so give me time to get all the clothes we've been washing off the floor OK?


Eliza said...

You are gross. Your vase is rad.

Zachariah Parry said...

You are rad. Your vase is gross.

Hotzebra said...

Ok. Let me begin. I'm glad you are alive. I have been worried. No blogging, no facebook, no IM! How did you survive? I like your costume and your vase. I disliked the images of your bloody hand holding. I like your puppy. He is so cute. I want a puppy!

Juliette said...

A poem for you:

Hunting is sad, but you are still rad. Your puppy is adorable,and this poem is horrible. I am a poet and you did not know it.

Elaine Parry said...

I saw them all. One picture looked like Mike had lost part of his hand. I'm so sorry. I had no idea that you were the hunging type. I could hardly tell who you are in that camo outfit. Your puppy is adorable. I want one too. What house are you moving into? Should I know?

Becky said...

So what do you want for christmas? An orange vest or some hand sanitizer?