Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekend at the cabin

Mike's grandparents have a cabin near about an hour from Yosemite up in the sierra mountains. We got to go up there for a couple days and it was so relaxing to be away from all the gay people that live near us and that we work with...

We went to Kennedy Meadows which is right down the dirt road from the cabin for dinner one night... it was delicious. My first time eating prime rib and it was so good. I used to like my meat medium well but ever since I have been with Mike he has introduced me to tender more delicious more alive meat as you can see from the picture below.


We built a fire... he did some but I did the most important parts.... OK he built the whole thing. It was an awesome fire and it was so nice out. We had stuff to make smores but didn't feel like making any so we just ate the materials separately.

This is the image of me dominating Mike... well right before I did. I doubled my amount of chips and he had to take more out of the chip bucket just to pay me off... it was awesome.

The front view of the cabin and of Mike

Looking for fish in the river

I wanted to fish bad but we didn't have a fishing license and I probably wouldn't have caught anything anyway. One day....

The awesome cave waterfall. The water was freezing or we would've swam to the cave.

There were HUGE carpenter ants crawling everywhere and they are invincible. We kept trying to kill them and they wouldn't die. This is Mike trying to drown one but it kept swimming back to shore. We found it fun to keep this little guy trying to save himself. Then we put him on a log and through him under the waterfall... good luck surviving that one sucker!

The kitchen........................ Obviously
The living room... notice the awesome fireplace

The room we stayed in or the master bedroom if you will

That is it and I cant wait to see alot of you in a few days... and you are all really attractive.


Aivaz Family said...

Thats awesome. You guys are always doing all kinds of fun crap. Well done with yourselves.

Jacob Parry said...

Wasn't I supposed to call you back last week? I know you texted me your new number, and then you called me using your new number, but I still haven't saved it to my phone...What a jerk! If you call me again I wont make the same mistake.

See you in a few days!

Zachariah Parry said...

Mike is such a hick! Please tell me he doesn't pronounce creek, "crick."

Zachariah Parry said...

If I were to tell a hick I have a crick in my neck, would the hick go get his fishing pole?

Elaine Parry said...

Zach, wasn't that kind of rude about Mike? Mike is Audrey's beloved!

Becky said...

That is really a cool cabin. Did you have to have the gun there while playing cards to keep Mike from cheating?