Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Cup O' Tea

Mike Grew up in Oakdale California which is about an hour from Tracy where we live. He grew up with this chick named Erica. We started hanging out and I love her! She is so awesome. This is her and her daughter Aiden. They came to Tracy to have dinner with me and go to the pool. Since Mike gets off so late and so did Erica that night, she and Aiden just spent the night so they wouldn't have to drive an hour and Aiden was asleep by the time Mike got home and so we all talked for a couple hours and I heard a lot of good stories of them growing up.

My new sister-in-law Kate and I went to Wells Fargo and they had this cardboard cutout thing so we asked a teller to take our picture. She pulled her hair through the hole with her head to give it a more realistic look and I have 3 arms. we look funny.

Some guests that are staying at Mike's parents' house came with my father in law and new brother-in-law Brandon to see a firework show for Pioneer Day. It was a pretty good show. a field near where we were standing caught on fire and was all ash the next day. We must have left in perfect timing.

Cute little Brandon... Oh and he is straight gangster by the way...obviously

My favorite Dad at our Parry family reunion. He looks like a biker or a thug but he wears it well whatever it is

Me and some cousins and sibling at the reunion... Good times. This pictures captures the most exciting activity we did the whole time.

Me and my part time lover, full time cousin Kimberly Camberlango. She is so hot...even if she is camping

Sister-in-law and my very handsome nephew Jack who won't even touch me with a stick or look at me for bribes. But he seems like a nice enough sort.

My lover Kim, brother Jacob and sister-in-law Kate doing more exciting things...
Like sitting

My beautiful niece Cadence kept biffing it while she was walking. She has one band-aid on her knee in this picture but the next couple of hours after that she had like 4. Poor girl. And my mom wasn't feeling well so she was asleep in the cabin and right when she woke up and came out to join us Cadence started crying for Grandma. My mom is the best Grandma I know... That isn't a grandma to me of course

New cousin Cassidy, new BF Erica and I went to the Turlock city fair to see the Doobie Brothers perform and went the wrong night. So we ended up having to be tortured through Little Big Town.... which is my least favorite type of music, Country. Ugh. So we went the next night and saw The Doobie Brothers and got one of those old fashioned pictures taken. It was my first time and I love it. I will scan it in the next time I have access to a scanner and post it because it really is awesome.

Us at the fair in the Jurassic Park Journey or whatever they called it

I played a dart game and popped a balloon my first 2 tries and then missed but then with my last one I popped like 4 at the same time. I won a cute little frog wearing a crown for Mike and a teddy bear for Erica and Cassidy! I am an amazing dart player.

The hat that was fashioned especially for me at my bridal shower thrown for me by my sister in laws and a close friend of Mike's family "Aunt" Kristen. They made it tea party themed which was so cute. and I scored on gifts by the way! Shout out to whoever contributed!

Mike and I are seeing who can get the highest score on songs. I won most of the time I am not going to lie... like Zach and my mom do... I was kicking butt! And Mike is not wearing a shirt by the way because if you notice I am wearing it. We were taking pictures for Zach and were wearing the same outfits in them. Zach is a genius!

One of Mike's friends that works for the same company and lives in the same apartment complex got a dog. Since they work all day everyday I go over there to dog sit everyday. Plus they have cable and we don't which is a huge bonus! She is so cute. She is half border Collie and half Rottweiler. I love her and I am going to have to give her up in a month.

Thank you Zach for making me the best wedding video ever! You are awesome! I watch it almost everyday because I love it so much and can't wait for everybody else to see it! Until next time.


Zachariah Parry said...

My first concert was the Doobie Brothers! Did you love it? I did.

I liked the style of your blog.

You should bug mom to send your wedding video on DVD.

Jessica said...

I like you.

Aivaz Family said...

Sounds like you are having alot of fun. I miss your face.

Becky said...

When did I lie???

Jacob Parry said...

You are going to hate moving back to Utah after all the friends that you are making...Sorry

Jana Davis said...

My sister and your lover's name is spelled wrong just so you know so people dont get her mixed up with the other Kimberly Camberlango... Her name is spelled KimberlEy Camberlango... See the diff... PS I miss your buns off!! Love you!

Hotzebra said...

K so when did this part time thing happen? I still thought I was your full time lover! Mike is your part timer. You look hot too. Camping or not. I wish you lived in AZ.We could watch cable together and I could rock you on guitar hero.