Thursday, May 1, 2008

Besides... Nobody takes muh boots.

I would really like it if someone (I think it will most likely be Zach) could tell me where the title of my blog came from.
Anyway... I got new boots! My first pair ever of real cowgirl boots! I love them. I got some because first, which is the obvious reason, I am engaged to a cowboy. The hottest of them all if you don't mind me saying so. Second because I am going to be wearing them when we take our engagement pictures. How hot will we look seriously? Anyway, my boots are the official PBR boot. (PBR=Professional bull riding)
I got my grades back! So some of you know I accidentally missed my mid term for my math class... whoops. And even though I got an overall average grade of a B+ for homework and C+ for tests I still had a 69.4% overall grade before my final. So I was really hoping my final would bring it up at least .6% because in order to get those 5 credits for that class you have to pass with at least a 70%. Well friends and family.... I got a C on the final and brought my grade up to a C- AND PASSED! I am so freaking cool. And I got an A- on my final paper for my English class which gave me a B+, thank you. I got an A- in my criminal justice class and a B+ in my fitness class. I would've gotten a higher grade in fitness but I didn't feel like going a lot of the time. So anyway that is my exciting news! My first semester ever in college I got 13 credits and passed all my classes! And I don't have to retake stupid math (that I literally will never need anyway.... any math I will ever do can be done on a simple calculator) which I really though I would have to retake.

I went into the book store to sell my books back. I put my math book on the counter that I had just finished using a few days earlier, and the guy looked at me like I was some kind of con artist. He said in a tone that annoyed me a lot, "This book is WAY outdated." He was talking to me like I was an idiot. So I said, "Oh really? Because I just got done using this book a few days ago." He replied, "Well that book is really old. We have a new version already." So I said "Okay, take the books that you CAN buy back and give me the money for them." Then he goes on to tell me the prices of them all... I am thinking.... okay give me the money already! It is not like if I don't like the amount of it I can go to all of the other bookstores in all of the other universities and try to get a better price for a book that has UVU stamped all over it! And I am not going to use it again! So he is on my hit list. Him and his family better watch their backs!

Eliza took my Bridal pictures. They turned out awesome! I would put them on here but Mike REALLY doesn't want to see them before the wedding so I will not. But I will in a couple of months.
I am missing Mike more than anything. He is the most amazing person I have ever met. He is the hottest person I have ever met! Oh and I bought these cute shirts that say Mrs. Findarle and I have one that says I love Mike... except it actually doesn't say the word love but it has 3 hearts. It is really cute okay?


Josh said...

I remember when I almost failed Math. Those were the good ole days. I used to try so hard to understand it, but since my teacher was from Russia, it was like learning russian and math at the same time. All I can say is алгебра sucks!

I adore your cowboy boots and will probably ask to borrow them in the next couple of weeks. Please be prepared to say yes.

Finally, there is a place called Beat the bookstore -found here:

They will generally give you more money than the bookstore, and they usually beat their prices when you need to purchase a book. I think that's where they got their name.

Hotzebra said...

-I love the boots.
-I loved seeing you on the webcam today. I can't get it out of my mind! hahaha
-I think both of you will look hot in your boots in your pics.
-Math does suck and you will NEVER use it in your life.
-Don't waste your time trying to sell back your school books.
-Eliza did an AWESOME job on your pics.
-The shirts you ordered are cute with the hearts.
Thats all! OK?!

Jana Davis said...
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Jana Davis said...

I KNOW who it is...I know who it is... I was first to guess (na na na na na na) please sing all of that in the tune you all know.

Zachariah Parry said...

I don't know what your boots reference means. Sorry to disappoint. My best guess is that the original quote was B.A. Baracas talking about his van, but I can't picture him saying "besides" at the beginning.

I think the funniest part of this whole post is "алгебра sucks!"

My Russian is rusty, but I think алгебра is Algebra.

Jacob Parry said...

Your russian might be rusty, but your copy and paste skills are amazing!!

Jessica said...

I think I'm pretty amazing. Are you sure Mike is more amazing than I am?

Jana Davis said...

Can I say who it is yet??

Becky said...

You'd better hurry and tell who it is Jana because I want to know.

Jana Davis said...

OK OK sorry to leave everyone in is the one and only Hannibal "John" Smith!!! Sad that I am the only one to get it... I am disappointed in you Zach. I expected more...PS would BA EVER say something other than about his van?? Come on!!

Eliza said...

You are hot. Your boots are made for walking. I am glad you passed your classes. And that's just what they'll do. Who is jp? One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over you.