Monday, May 5, 2008

My trip to the zoo

(This picture was supposed to have me, Heidi and an animal in the background... I missed.... oops ok?)

Hello everyone. The zoo is fun! I love it. I didn't remember how fun the zoo was! Here are some cool pictures of Heidi and I. She drove up here for my birthday. By the way... I got a new cowgirl hat. I know I know... I am becoming a "roper" which is what my cousin Ashlee referred to me as. I think it is fun to play a cowgirl with my cowboy boyfriend! So back off ok?

(A really cute looking elephant)

(I am obviously being a rhino here... Gosh I am a hot rhino... Look at that horn!)

(Then I turned into a camel... mysterious things happen at the Hogle zoo)

(Us posing with the elephant's feet in the background)

(I want to ride on a real elephant's trunk it would be awesome! Think about it!)

(This is us at the gift shop deciding whether or not we should buy these hats... after seeing this picture we obviously decided to get them)

We also went to temple square but those pictures are on my laptop at home and I am at work so I will post again soon! Love you all!


Jana Davis said...

Wow! You look great no matter the animal! Wish I could do that AND be a cowgirl man I am jealous!!

Hotzebra said...

Um I have never seen a cowgirl this hot.First it's the boots, now the hat! Whats next? A horse? WHo knew the zoo sold cowboy hats?You definately got your moneys worth buying that hat. Very good investment.

Derpina Derp said...

Um, could you be any hotter 'cuz I think NOT! Also, I read your latest comment on my blog. Thanks to you for knowing who the Aquabats are! ;)

Zachariah Parry said...

I have to be honest, I only got past the second picture, because they all look the same.

Love you!

Aivaz Family said...

You are insanely hot. Seriously.

Becky said...

Cute pictures! Heidi looks like she is impersonating Zoolander.

Adam said...

Why do you choose to hide your teeth and cute smile? That full-teethed smile cost a lot, show it off!

Natalie said...

I love that zoo. I have many memories of it. It looks like you had an awesome birthday. Your roomies are very nice. Eliza showed me your bridal pictures and you look gorgeous. Your dress is seriously AMAZING! I am very excited for you.