Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sweet dreams indeed!

Hello all. Welcome to my new blog. I thought that if everyone found Zach's life interesting enough than you will be very easy to please. (just kidding Zach you are definitely WAY more interesting than me.) I thought it would be fun for everyone I dont get to talk to that much to know what goes on in my life day after day.

For those of you that dont know I work as the store manager of a loan company. I just got a raise and my boss just told me she is working on getting me another one! I will be rich! I enjoy my job most of the time. I have wanted to be a detective since I was very young and I get to do alot of detective work trying to hunt people down that owe us money. I do alot of collections at my job.

Just this last monday, I had to give a lesson in Family Home Evening for my ward! I am a FHE group leader. As many of you know(because I called and asked you to give the lesson) I was pretty nervous. It doesn't make me nervous to speak in front of people but it does make me nervous to teach people! Especially things that they probably know more about than me! And to make things worse... I had a dream about this boy in my ward the night before that is quite attractive and he showed up in the middle of my lesson. So I got really distracted and my mind was not thinking about forgiveness anymore, it all the sudden switched to my dream. It was kind of embarassing to stumble on a couple words trying not to think about the dream I had the night before. To spice it up a bit, I was wearing a black shirt that has an x-ray on the front and a heart on it. It kind of looks like one of those halloween costumes but cuter, and I made a joke about forgiveness making you happier inside while I was pointing to my t-shirt and they seemed to enjoy it. So even though I was nervous, it went pretty well.

At church on Sunday we found out our ward is splitting. I hope that there are nice people in the ward or at least attractive mean people. Either one would be fine. I hope we have a nice bishop too. I was gone grocery shopping at Macey's last night because they had a sale 11 items for $10, and any of you who has been a poor single person knew I had to jump at the oppurtunity, and the bishop, relief society president and elders quorum president all stopped by my apartment to meet us and Amelia said they were really nice. I just hope that they continue to act that way.

Me and my cousin Ingrid have been hanging out alot. We have alot of fun together. It is nice to have a cousin my age around to do silly things with. We are going to get dressed in 80's clothes and go skating and go to the nickel arcade to play dance dance revolution. We went to DI with my home teachers and tried on a hideous wedding dress, that was actually quite slimming on her, and another little girls dress with gold cowgirl boots. We looked hot!

Until next time. I hope my post was everything you expected it to be and more. I love you all!


Amber said...

You are very very funny. I will try to be more funny in my blogs so people don't all migrate overy to your blog.

Amber said...

I am signed in as Amber. It is really Zach.

Jessica said...

You are funnier than me by far. I'm proud of you for teaching the lesson. Remember when you gave a lesson for FHE on forgiveness at my house? You must love forgiving.

Jacob Parry said...

I guess I need to spend more time with you in order to get an honorable mention in your blog. I love you.