Monday, August 20, 2007

Kissing Cousins

First of all, alot of people are wondering who JP is who commented on my blogs. It was Joshua Michael Parry. I am glad I cleared that up for you.

Also, Grandma told me to watch my language and the only thing I can think of is when I wrote He** which obviously mean Heck. Silly Grandma. Swearing is for kids.

So yesterday afternoon I went to the Mundy family's house for dinner. It was delicious! Then Tyler, Ingrid and I left to go visit the McCrackens. It wasn't as akward as I thought it would be the whole time! I liked hearing about when mom and dad were first married. For example, Ed McCracken gets tickets to the BYU games every year and they invited mom and dad to go. Well to make his extremely long story short, BYU lost and he was NOT happy. So dad and Kenna fought over who was going to sit next to Ed in the front seat because they both knew better that to sit next to angry Ed. I thought it was pretty amusing. It was cool when they brought all of Robert's (they call him Rob but the US calls him Bert so I was confused as to what I should write) gold records up to show us. I have never seen real gold record before.

We left and headed to Aunt Deann's and Uncle Kent's house. I had previously told Tyler that I was going to hook him up with Melissa. Now for those of you who do not know the relation between all of us, Tyler and Ingrid are my mom's sister's kids. Melissa is my dad's brother's kid. So no relation. We got there and Melissa looked so attractive which was good for Tyler. We started the night with banana splits and a milkshake for me. They were DELICIOUS! I love ice cream. All of Kent and Deann's kids were ther except Melanie who is on a mission. We got into the discussion on how we make milkshakes. We all make them the Parry way which is puttingg ice cream and milk in a cup... take a knife and chop away at it making the perfect amount of chunky and the perfect amount of creamy. Then we made fun of people who make milkshakes in blenders. Shmucks! Then we got the game of pit out and started playing. It wasn't very long until we put that away and started playing apples to apples. This is where the flirting began! Tyler scooted up close to Melissa, like some kind of trained professional! He is a sly dog! then they started whispering and laughing. That's when the cheating started... Melissa reached her arm around him and dropped a card in his lap, although this was a cute picture... The were not subtle about it and they were trading cards. We played for awhile and they really hit it off. we had family prayer and then left. Tyler mentioned to me on the way home that if their kids turn out retarded then he is coming after me. I had to remind him they are not blood cousins. I think this will be a fun and interesting set up.

I am getting two new roommates today. They came over on Saturday with a few of their things and just to get a few decorating ideas. They were planning on getting couch covers and rugs and whatever else an apartment needs. Amelia and I don't care what they do as long as they know we are not contributing a dime. They started looking around and they saw Amelia's Van Gogh painting that we love right where it is. One of the girls came up to me and said, "ummm, does this usually stay here? because we have pictures of Jesus to hang" What is she trying to say... we like van gogh better than Jesus? Even though we have pictures of Jesus everywhere. Of course my first thought was, No we actually take it down periodically or we just move it across the wall every week and then back. But I didn't want to have one of these roommate wars so I just nicely said, "Yes that usually stays there. We are pretty particular about our pictures. We don't care what you guys do or hang as long as our stuff isnt moved." She seemed pretty annoyed but listen here honey, we were here first and you are ugly! Then she wanted to put strips of carpet, that have been torn out of her aunt's house, on our living room floor. I dont know about these to characters. So I have to go home and make sure all our crap is in the same place. I don't think they are allowed to move in until the 1st but I guess when they go to get their keys then the manager can tell them!

I know this is titled Kissing Cousins but no cousin have kissed at all. Or non-cousins for that matter. I just thought it would grab the attention of the readers. Did it work?


Jacob Parry said...

Today is Monday, which means we had family home evening. At the end of the night we (Dad) were talking about getting together with our cousins. He pulled up a website listing all the states that allow first cousin marriages...California is the case anyone wanted to know.

Eliza said...

Jacob left out the part about Dad looking it up so Jacob could snake Tyler in the Melissa situation. We all know Melissa is hot, but to have inspired a long incest discussion was not cool. Also, you are funny and good luck with your roommate tards.

Becky said...

Van Gogh doesn't have a "u" in it! I want to punch your roommates in the face!

Zachariah Parry said...

Tsk. Tsk. You know your roommates are going to find out about your blog. And then they are going to feel awkward should Becky ever come to visit.

Why don't you ever put pictures up?

And who is JP?

Jacob Parry said...

Am I not JP?

Elaine Parry said...

Hey, I've been so busy I forgot to check out your blog. Am i too late to say that I enjoy reading it? I like the comments too.
I'm not sure about your new roomies do they come with recommendations?

Zachariah Parry said...

You suck at keeping your blog up to date.

Becky said...

Zach is right. You suck at keeping your blog up to date!