Monday, August 13, 2007

Get the hint!

Hello! It has been a little over a week since I last posted because I have been really busy!

First, I went to vegas to visit my family(as most of you already know). Michael did the sacrament blessing for the first time ever! You might think that he would be the one that messed up since it was his first time but you are dead wrong! The man who is supposed to have set an example for him(his own father) is the one who stumbled on his words a bit. But they all did a wonderful job and all 4 of them looked so handsome in their matching ties!

It was really fun to see all my nephews and my niece again. Brody loves me the best! It is so fun to see how each of them are growing up and the new words Brody and Cadence knew!

We all had a good time in California at the beach and at disneyland and since the majority of you read Zach's blog then I wont go into detail. Being repetative is just annoying. Being repetative is just annoying.

I went to Idaho this last weekend for Grandma's 80th birthday party. It was really fun to see all of the extended family again. Well not all of them. Maybe 8% of them. We all sat in Uncle Bert and Aunt Lova's living room sharing memories we had of Grandma. Uncle Jay went on to tell a memory, that I wont repeat because I might lose some readers, and in it there was a man that said, "how ya doin' boys?" in a very annoying voice. Alan and Taylor thought it was HILARIOUS! They started practicing that same phrase in that same voice over and over again. Soon they started talking like that all the time. By the 3rd day at Grandma's house I wanted to stick my fork right in my neck! Uncle Jay went over to Grandpa and jokingly said, "Now that the boys know how to say that you will be enjoying it even when I am gone!" While gripping my fork tight I said with a sarcastic voice and a smile, "I never enjoyed it." Then I fake laughed. It was said jokingly but I meant it 100%. Grandpa turned to me and said,"it is pretty irritating isn't it?" It was just really annoying ok?

On the drive home from Idaho, Amelia and I were going INSANE from being in a car for the amount of time that we were, that we started singing everything we were thinking. Which made an awesome song for when I had to pee. Then we were making every Newsies song we heard into a rap, adding Zs to words. We spit all over ourselves when we were beatboxing! It was ridiculous! We need to practice, Fo shizzle my nizzle!

We made it home just in time to go pee and get to ward prayer. Our ward had split so we didn't know anyone! There weren't really any hot guys and on top of everything else they started 15 minutes late so we were forced to mingle. The old wards were dividing on different sides like we were gangs wanting to kill eachother. This one guy in our ward offered to help us unpack our car. He was weird and we didn't want him near us. He kept talking to us. We took this guy named Justin home since he lives in the building right next to ours and he helped us unpack. What a nice boy! The weird guy came over and just stood at the front door since we didn't invite him in. He finally said,"Should I come in or stay out or what?" Amelia replyed,"Whatever you want." He stayed for an hour even after we had said we were going to bed within the next 15 minutes. Then Jacob waslked in and cramped this guy's style. Amelia and I had washed our face, put our pajamas on and brushed our teeth and he still didn't get the hint! We were tired and I wanted to talk to Jacob about what he did this weekend(you're welcome Jacob). Jacob went to go make a root beer float and gave me a look like "get him the HE** out of here. I read the look like "come here so I can tell you something" so I went in the kitchen and right when I did, this guy asked Amelia out! That is the second time in a month she has been asked out by freaks in front of me in her pajamas! He finally left! She was pretty upset but I looked at it as if she had just taken one for the team. Thank you Amaulia!

That is it for me!


Josh said...

Yes but how did the root beer float turn out?

Jessica said...

I am not exaggerating when I say that your post was the funniest thing I have read since I woke up 10 minutes ago. I almost wet myself. Almost. You are one funny mofe.

Zachariah Parry said...

HOW YA DOIN' BOYS? Now picture that as a song you are singing while you have to go to the bathroom while you are in pajamas with a weird guy. That's right, you and the weird guy are in pajamas together.

Jacob Parry said...

I'm glad I finally got that honorable mention that I have been longing for.

Jessica said...

who is jp?

Elaine Parry said...

Hey watch the language guys. Gma is listening.

Loved your blog Audge, its these commentors who get out of line.

Who did you say is jp?

Jessica said...

Grandma, I am assuming you mean my language. Well you should know that mofe has a lot of different meanings. I was saying that Audrey is a Measure of Force Effectiveness. I like to use acronyms. I have a clean mouth.