Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I have ALOT to ketchup on....

So I am going to do a couple short summaries of trips I have taken because I have not had Internet for so long I could not update about my trip to Vegas,m New York, Idaho, my wedding or my honeymoon. Some of it I will explain some I will just write captions under pictures OK? So First, I went to Vegas with my then fiance's sister Kaitlynn because she had only been once I believe. Here are some pictures...

Cadence and I playing the Wii... I pulled every muscle in my arm playing tennis and it was almost unusable but I kept on going. It hurt so badly but was worth every knot!

Cadence and Me cuddling... I sure do love her!

Rocking out to guitar hero!
Anjoel, Zach and I in the kitchen while Zach paints and I am "helping." I did my best but I might have been slowing him sown. Sorry brah.

Ingrid, my beautiful cousin threw me an awesome bridal shower too.... it was good and a lot of people showed up. Thank Ingie!

Also I got a mole removed.... this post might be scrambled and not in order but like I said its been awhile OK so bare with me here for a second.... I got it removed because my nice then fiance made me just because the stupid doctor said it could become cancerous... I know what a jerk (just kidding...kinda) and Mike wanted me to live without kemo or something dumb like that. So I got it removed and my beautiful cousin Jana came with me for moral support and a backup fighter for when the doctor tried sticking a needle in me. I asked if they had stuff to numb it before they numb it with a needle so I wouldn't feel the needle. She said she could look into it so I was like, I know you have it here OK? so just do it. She finally agreed to doing it... What I don't understand is why they don't do that in the first place. I would agree to go more often if they did.... dummies.
My back after the mole was removed. Sick right?

So I went to New York with my sisters. I am afraid of repeating everything they have already said due to the fact that we did the same things while we were there so again I will label my pictures. I would like to say that I will agree with Jessica about the smell of the subways. They look and smell like someone painted it with pee and peed all in it. Then dragged a BO infested lice bum across it to mop with and then let smell of rotten sewage and mold linger throughout the subway system. I wonder where New York's Tax dollars go.... Not to cleaning that piece of muck.Our hotel room..... it was tiny.
Me at the natural history museu......zzzzzzzzz....sorry I fell asleep just thinking about it....

OK Ill post more tonight.... I promise... unless my Internet connection is lost then I wont. OK?


Eliza said...

Very concise recap. Your description of the subway was especially vivid. I felt like I was right there with you, oh wait...

Also, the picture of your back was grotesque and unnecessary. You should have chosen cancer, it looks better.

The museum was like a long nap, only not enjoyable or relaxing.

Love you!

Zachariah Parry said...

Now that's a promise! I promise I will post tonight, unless I have no internet, then I won't.

Enter Shrek: I promise one day to repay you. Unless I can't find you or unless I forget.

Your picture wasn't gross. It made gross look beautiful.

Becky said...

Does Angel really spell her name Anjoel? I had no idea. Also what is her last name and Kandis'? When I went to get Kandis a gift for the shower I couldn't look at the registry because I didn't know her last name.

Jessica said...

Wow. What a whirlwind of a tale. Vegas, New York, marriage, honeymoon. You're like Britney Spears. Just don't shave your head and go crazy, okay?

How is your mole doing now?

Your friend Cassidy and Mike's sister are cute! I've never seen pictures of either of them before. I like them.

Jacob Parry said...

I think I have cancer on my head. I should get it checked out.

I liked the description of the subway. It made me throw up in my mouth a little, now that is good writing!!

Eliza said...

Shrek didn't say that...Puss in Boots did.

Zachariah Parry said...


Shame on you. We've seen that part together at least half a dozen times, and every time SHREK says it, you laugh.

Puss in Boots isn't making a promise, he's getting bucked off Stallion-Donkey while Shrek is "promising" the people whose clothes he stole that he would repay them.