Monday, July 14, 2008

Wanna come over?

My internet cuts in and out so I am going to just explain my pictures... Mike plays softball with people he works with. We went to his game yesterday and it made me miss softball so much! He said I could probably play on his team but NO WAY... I haven't played in years and I do not want to be the reason their team loses. Everyone he works with would shun him! Anyway.... I hung out in the dugout handing out sunflower seeds and sour skittles to the players.

Mike giving me thumbs up a few minutes before he goes out to bat

That ball that you see flying away from his bat actually ended up going really far but into the foul zone...whoops

Us after the game in our baseball caps. He has had sore elbows for about a month now, he probably pulled his tendons installing his systems but who knows, so after the game we went to wal-mart to get an ice pack because his elbows were killing him. Poor guy

I have gotten a request to post pictures of where I live. Mike's company furnished our apartment and pays our rent and utilities. It is a really sweet deal and it is nice furniture. It is a a brand new really nice apartment with a nice pool area and big BBQ areas. I enjoy it here. And I don't know if you can tell by zooming in or not Eliza, but that is Twilight sitting on my table... Yes it is in my possession now and I will begin reading it (Against my will, might I add) within the next couple of days when I finish the other book I am reading.

That is all for now... I need to hurry up and post this before my internet goes out. I'll post more a little bit later. Love you all.


Amber said...

Your apartment is really cute!
That's fun that Mike plays softball, Zach plays on a law school league and the kids and I have fun watching. Unfortunately our games don't involve sunflower seeds OR sour skittles.... we're missing out!

Josh said...

I like how the hallway runs along the wall and the door is on the floor. It must be one of those crazy California designs as I have not seen it before. Anyway, handsome couple and good job etc.

Aivaz Family said...

Your apartment is dang cute. I miss when we were newleyweds and had a teeny place. You are crazy cute.

Eliza said...

There is no need to be bitter about Twilight. JUST DO IT!!!

Jacob Parry said...

I wish my company would pay for my rent and utilities.

I did think that the apartment was super cool. I want to live somewhere nice.

Jessica said...

I like your apartment. Very nice- and surprisingly clean. Did you pick up all of your underwear off the floor before you took pictures?

Becky said...

Nice place. Can I come over? Just kidding. I can't fit in one more trip this summer!