Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am grateful for...

I decided that since I have not been in the best mood lately because of all the crappy things going on in my life right now I would write a list of things I am grateful for. I will also add pictures of me and someone I am grateful for. If I dont have a picture of you on here it is simply because I dont have one and if you have one of us send it to me and I will add it... send it anyway so I have it ok? So here it goes! I am grateful for....

Mom- Best mom ever, always puts others before herself and she is always there for anyway whenever they need her! I love her A LOT!

Dad-Funny, cool pilot, helped me a lot over the years financially and emotionally, and thanks for changing my diapers when I was a baby, oh wait.... I think that was the neighbor kids...

Zach-I love to play games with him-funny guy and very creative. Great dad. Also extremely smart!

Amber-Great mom to my niece and nephew and good listener

Eliza-Rad, attractive- dresses really cute, skydives <-------brave

Jessica-a stress freak just like me and I like it. Picky eater like me and a non judger (anymore) which I love the most. I love to talk to her about personal funny stuff so we can make fun of eachother.

Adam- Funny, never smells bad or sweats (abnormal) and has less hair than girls. I love to play games with him like settlers (even though Jess and I can get violent) and I like to watch him wrestle and play with the boys!
Jacob- I like to argue with him and listen to music with him. I love to listen to him play guitar and we talk about girls and boys we like... mostly I talk about boys and Jacob talks about boys and girls.
Michael- A peace maker, the nicest child in our family (tell me who is nicer....don't worry, I'll wait...) SOOOO smart and he is so nice to tutor dumber kids. I like him. Also I love to play guitar hero with him.
Broderick, Cadence, Bridger and Jack- Everytime I see them I smile and get really happy inside! I love being an aunt! I love it!

Jana-I love to talk to her about anything and she always makes me feel better about it. I love to watch classic movies and shows with her such as: A-Team, TMNT, MacGyver, etc. She never passes any judgment...towards me... and she is so fun! I love that she is my spooning/kissing cousin!

Ingrid-wanna have a dance party? I have fun with Ingrid no matter what we are doing. "I twas my twin"

Amelia- Cool roommate! I like to talk to her about funny things and have parties with her, pajama parties, cereal parties, movie parties, milkshake parties, braiding our hair together parties... you know all the fun kind.

Mike- I am in love with him and I love to watch movies with him and go eat with him (because you all know how much I love food!) I loved going to PBR with him and just being with him in general.

Josh, Kim, Kimberly, JC, Steph, Kirkham, Cord, Ash and all of the other cousins, aunt and uncles, grandparents and extened family that I am grateful for. I love having a big family that is there to spend time with and have fun with!
I am grateful for insurance companies that give me more than my car is worth, I am grateful for insurance exchange forms at accident scenes so that I know where the old beast that hits me lives so I can beat her up with a metal baseball bat, I am grateful for metal baseball bats, Food, a place to live, rental car places, clothes, slurpees, music, more food, education (sometimes). I am grateful for free tickets to New York, movies, tv shows on DVD, the fact the websites play shows online because I dont have a DVR, my friends and the ability to see and walk and taste and swim and jump and drive and hearing is pretty cool I guess and a lot of other stuff too!

I am glad I did this. It made me feel a lot better. Now I do not think life sucks as much as I did before. I think everyone should make a list of things they are grateful for and I am looking forward to seeing me on that list! or else I can always edit mine! I love you all and hope YOU know that I am grateful for you!


Zachariah Parry said...

I, too, am grateful for metal baseball bats (my favorite part of your post), though probably for a different reason.

In case you didn't know this, and apparently you did not, I have lots of pictures on my blog, including some of the very people you said you did not have pictures of.

BTW, I like Dad's facial hair. I miss it. I would have been his kissin'/spoonin' bunkmate had he not gotten rid of it.

Eliza said...

Cool post. I will do one, but not for awhile. I don't want to steal your thunder. The baseball bat was my favorite part too.

Bishop (Mike) Clark asked about you last night. I told him you were living in Provo and that you were in love. You will have to come to my ward with me when you are visiting so you can see him.

Why doesn't Mike ever comment on your blogs?

I love you.

Becky said...

Thanks for being grateful for me. I hope you feel better soon.

Grammadebs said...

GLAD YOU ARE SAFE AND SOUND!!! I PRAY NIGHTLY FOR YOU!!!! (YES CAPITOLS ARE YELLING WORDS)))) hELLLOOOO>>>I SURE LOVEYOU!!!! i have a gratitude journal just for such purposes cheer me up when i think Oh poor me...pity party...anyone???XOXOXOXO

Jacob Parry said...

I hope Evan doesn't see your post...he might get the wrong idea, he gets so jealous.

Mom is the best!!

Aivaz Family said...

I also enjoyed the baseball bat part, but more particularly that you called her an old beast first. You are so great. Love the post. It was a great idea. I will do it soon, but I am going to combine it with my favorite things post because my favorite things also happen to be what I am grateful for. Wow, I am long winded. I love you. I am glad you are happy.

Elaine Parry said...

Thanks for being grateful for grandparents. We've always loved you and are glad for the new you.
We aren't into baseball bats or rolling pins or anything to use for weapons we have no strength left. We are glad we got to meet Mike. He is sooo cool.
I don't like my son David's facial hair it makes him look older than he is which makes us look older than we are. Loved your blog. Love you.

Jana Davis said...

Although I did like the mention of the baseball bat, MY favorite part of your blog was when you wrote that I dont judge "YOU" thanks for pointing that out. And thanks for putting my prego picture up. I love you and miss you!!

Jessica said...

What a great post! I really like you and I'm grateful you are my sister and that you are normaler than you used to be.

Amber said...

Remember when we argued about which guys were hotter? You said super tall guys that weigh like 10 pounds and I said absolutely NO that good height with broad shoulders and big muscles are the way to go... no man should have bigger thighs than his girl???? Look who realized the genius of my stance......
Enjoy your tough muscle-y broad shouldered MAN!!
PS he's cute!