Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I got tagged! Thanks to Kim Camber-freakin-lango

I have been tagged. This is the second time! I have played a lot of tag in my day and I don't know if this is really a fair game of tag because of the fact you don't know there is a game of tag in progress and there is no way of escaping! You can't just run up and tag someone when they don't know you are playing and expect them to just want to play! Come on! I can't really say anything else about it because I will tag some of you at the end of this blog and continue with this unfair game. If you don't like it... talk to Kim Camberlango... haha.

TEN YEARS AGO I WAS- Nine years old and I was most likely in 3rd or 4th grade. I did NOT like my 3rd grade teacher but my 4th grade teacher was nice. I went to Treem Elementary. I also got my first pair of glasses in 4th grade. I lived in the same house my parents live in now in Henderson, NV.
PLACES I HAVE LIVED - I was born in Provo, UT but lived in Pleasant Grove and moved to Mission Viejo, CA when I was only 27 days old! (sorry mom that you were still breast feeding me... actually blame dad for getting a job in California ok?) Then I moved to Henderson, NV 3 months before I turned 8. My next move was back to Utah but this time in Mapleton when I was 17. I lived there for a couple months and then moved to Salt Lake city for a couple months then Back to Mapleton. Then Provo and then Mapleton again. Ha Ha. Then I moved to Grovetown, GA for a few months and then Evans, GA for several more months. Then I came back to Provo and I am here now. OK?
THINGS ON MY TO DO LIST - Finish school, clean my messy room and car and finish up some homework
BAD HABITS- Talking in my sleep, Hucking (for those of you who do not know what this is, it is a way to clear your nose... instead of blowing your nose you are clearing it down your throat... sorry if you just puked! Uncle Delbert and my father do it a lot, but they do the huck AND snag.... I just do the measly old huck!) Procrastinating and not staying organized
PLACES YOU HAVE WORKED- Bell Photography, Ben and Jerry's, Zio Salon, Raincheck Corporation, Fatz Cafe, and I worked at this place where you take care of handicap people and it is called Chrysalis for 2 weeks.
5 THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME- Well, anyone who read my blog last time I was tagged already know all of my secrets. But I might know a couple more and if you already know... sorry you know so much about me ok?
1. I cry every time I puke and want my mom to drop everything in her life and drive out to Provo to take care of me.
2. I am going to change my major from Criminal Justice to Psychology, with a minor in Criminal Justice, so I can be a councilor for adolescent drug users.
3. I love wearing chapstick! (Mom, I still carry around the spearmint one you gave me because I kept stealing it out of your fact I just put some on and it feels amazing!)
4. One of the most memorable nights I have ever had... I was in my beautiful cousin Jana's kitchen and lately we had this thing going on that every time I would leave her presence I would give her a cartoon kiss on the lips (a very animated kiss with a loud sucking noise... obviously) and I would do it on both sides of her face... well I went for her right cheek and she went for my left... well to make this as painless as possible... we met in the middle and kissed smack dab on the lips! Both of us in shock wonder if that really did just happen. We both agreed what happened there that night stayed there. Right after our agreement she went into the living room filled with her syblings and said "Me and Audrey just kissed on the lips!" She is a good secret keeper (please note my sarcasm!)
5. In my apartment we have a lot of parties. Whatever we are doing, we make into a party. If we want cereal... we have a cereal party, a milkshake perhaps? Milkshake party. Lets say we wanted popcorn... popcorn party. Anyway, we love parties.
6. When people give us stuff for our apartment like dish detergent or trash bags or whatever we can use in our home, every time we use an item given to us we thank the person that gave it to us in a high voice. For instance, my mom bought us trash bags and every time we use one we say very loudly so everyone in the apartment knows I am using one, "Thanks Aunt Becky!" and then the rest of my apartment has to say it back no matter what they are doing! It is fun. I also refer to my mom as Aunt Becky so when they repeat it back to me they aren't saying mom, you know, since it isn't their mom!

I wrote 6 things in case someone knew 1 out of the 6 so they still know 5 new things about me!

I officially tag Zach and/or Amber, Jessica, Eliza, and I think that is all!


Anonymous said...

Um...I only told my family about our "mistake" YOU are telling the whole world. Though they may already know if my FAMILY does!! So nevermind on that thanks!! I love you!!

Hotzebra said...

That is your most memorable night? THAT IS JUST SAD. Sorry.

Eliza said...

I should really learn not to read your blogs at work. I just laughed out loud, how embarrassing. I love you. Jess & I kissed on the lips once. We both agreed it needed to never happen again.

Jacob Parry said...

I kissed Dad on the lips...he acted like it was normal, which was about the time that it grossed me out.

Jacob Parry said...

It didn't really gross me out, that was a lie

Aivaz Family said...

Audrey, you are so funny that it is offensive. I love you, but the hucking is just vile. You are hot and nice.

Hotzebra said...

P.S. Who made you the word verification police?

Becky said...

What if I knew all of those things about you? What then, huh?

Elaine Parry said...

Nice layout on your blogspot. Enjoyed reading your blog.