Saturday, January 26, 2008

Don't be a fool... Just drop out of school!

I have had kinda a cr**py week. Few weeks actually. To start off, I bought a coupon card for a car place that gives me a bunch of "free" services to my car. When they say free oil change, they actually mean we wont charge you to change the oil but to discard the oil and do everything else will cost you. I went in for an oil change and to get my engine light looked at. It took them 4 hours when they said it should only take an hour. I go to pick my car up and set an appointment up for the next day to fix a fuel leak, which is what the guy told me was wrong. I didn't go because I am poor right now but I did need to go pay them for the "Free" oil change. I think they purposely messed up my car so they could charge me more, because on the way back there the next morning, my belt fell off which takes away battery power and power steering and is also connected to my alternator I believe. So I dropped my car off and told the guy to call me with an estimate in cost. He didn't. I called 3 times the next day and people just kept telling me they would call me back, They finally called me at the end of the freaking day to tell me my car was done. DONE? I don't even know how much I am paying because these jerks wouldn't tell me! So they told me it was going to be $214 and that the fuel leak wasn't even fixed, that is an extra $305, but I was charged for the diagnostic the guy did. So he checked it out for free, found a problem, but wouldn't tell me what the problem was until I forked out $80? Why would someone think that charging almost $100 to put a belt back on is ok? Do they really think their time is worth that much or something? It isn't. So I just spent a lot of money that I don't have and my car is pretty much the same as before I brought it in there. Don't worry I am going to bomb their garage.

So I am in school and I have school loans. Well tuition was due the 16th and they didn't have my loan done yet (suprising) so I got charged a $100 late fee (unnecessary) and now if my loan isn't ready by the 30th of this month (4 days away) they drop all my classes (depressing) I already bought all my books and my really pricey parking permit (unfortunate). So it would really suck if I just wasted a lot of time and money!

Other than all of that really cool stuff, I am doing well. Don't stress over the things you cannot control. That is what I keep repeating to myself to keep myself from going mad. I am not suicidal or anything just annoyed. I guess that is life sometimes. Life is a bee. I love you all.


Zachariah Parry said...

You should have asked me about that oil change coupon thing - I could have told you it was a bad idea. I made a similar mistake when I lived in Provo.

Also, you should borrow some money to pay for tuition until your student loan comes in.

Adelheide said...

Sounds like a crappy time. Do what you have to do to get the tuition paid. You don't want to have to postpone school. It stinks.

Adam said...

i'll follow zach's lead and do a "you should" comment. you should report them to the better business bureau and get your money back because that is just wrong - they are always supposed to give you an estimate before doing any repairs. don't just drop it, you can get you money back if you are pushy! (and i know you can be pushy)

Becky said...

I have to say I like Adam's comment. I think with all of your courtroom experience you should be able to intimidate them with a lot of lawyer talk. Then you can threaten them with a lot of stuff you have learned from your criminal justice class!

Jacob Parry said...

I have gotten 4 tickets in the last 3 days. Talk about wasted money. I am going to try to appeal one of them. Anyways, I will call you tomorrow. Love you.