Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Hello, First off I am wearing Ingrid's REALLY cute shirt in this picture of me curtsying. I was really bored at work and thought I would do a fashion show for Jen, my co-worker.

Ok, I saw Hairspray and LOVED it. I went with Amelia and missed the first 5 minutes because we were eating. We do that alot, we are fat pigs. I embarassingly enough found myself clapping, which I make fun of people doing, during one of the scenes. Out of respect for those who haven't seen it I will refrain from telling you what happened. If you care you can ask and I'll tell you. I went again to see it 2 days later! Ingrid and Jana accompanied me and I missed the first 5 minutes AGAIN because I was in a long line for 20 minutes. AND we had to sit in the front row on the side. The front row is bad enough but on the side everyone looks distorted and ugly. John Travolta as a woman is heinous enough to look at. I did enjoy him in it though.

Ingie and I went to this dance place the other night with 2 of her friends. I ran into Lexi and like 6 people I havent seen in awhile that I had gone to high school with. Lynzie Glaus, Kelly Angulo, and some others I have seen since highschool. Kelsey Day, Janae Olsen, Lexi's cousin Carly. It doesn't really matter but it was fun. Ingrid entered a booty shaking concert and was SO close to winning but got claustrophobic and had to get out of there! It was fun to watch her shake it and almost win the $25 prize. Yes there was a money prize but us Utahans are cheap ok?

I called the McCracken family and got 4 tickets to BASH(Big Awesome Show)<---This is edited ok? My brother Jacob calls me for 2 more for him and his really good friend, REALLY really good friend. After a long discussion about how he is a baby and needs to call himself I finally agree, being the kind, loving sister that I am. I really didn't want to call and ask for anymore since they are always so nice and invite me to dinner or to come over for a movie and I only call them when I want tickets. I called them anyway and asked for 2 more tickets and 2 tickets to the Vegas show The Used was playing at for the next day.(Also for Jacob) I tell Jacob all he has to do is call and confirm with them that they have the tickets. He refused. Then he tells me that he wasn't going anymore and that I needed to give them away. I guess this part isn't really relevant I just want Jacob to know that it was a babyish thing to do. So Ed McCracken called me the day before the concert to let me know that it is all set and that I have 6 tickets at will call with my name on them. At this point I am only needing 3. I called EVERYONE trying to find replacements and I got alot of them. They just all cancelled the night before or day of. So Ingrid, Dylan and I went by ourselves and still had a good time. We had great backstage tickets, that we later found out could be used for dinner and going back to the bands rooms to hang out with them. We were a little mad that noone told us but oh well we still had a good time.

I ran into Ed and Kenna McCracken and their kids. Bert's personal assistant had saved them a whole section next to the stage. They walked over to their reserved spot and Ingrid and I waited on the other side. One of Bert's sisters was kind enought o say, "Audrey! They saved us a spot over here by the stage. Come with us!" We were pleased. We walked over there and people were chanting Bert's name and pushing toward the stage. Rachel, his youngest sister was like, "Come up here you are family." and then mouthed for me to just push them out of the way. Also they were all very cluastrophobic and were being pushed up against the stage. She told me she wanted them to back up but was too wussy! So I politely said, "This area is for family only can you back up please?" They were so nice back like if they are nice to Bert's family that they will meet him or something. They were like"I was pushed up here. We are so sorry. We know this is for family only. We are really sorry." I was mad they lied to my face telling me they were shoved up there when I know for a fact they weren't. One of them was squeezing through everyone! Anyway we had cool spots.

Bert's parents were rocking out to it. And Kenna was plugging her ears because we were right next to the speaker. Ed text me and asked me if my parents would ever sit through a concert like this and I dont remember my exact words but something like, No way in HECK!<---- that edit is for you grandma. He is a good performer and we had a good time. Since I dont have a digital camera I will have to wait to put pictures from the concert up here until the rest of my film is done. Then wait for it to get developed. It is a lengthy process.

I think that about sums it up. I like you guys and am happy that those who participated in my quizzes did. Thank you(well the ones who know me, the other ones who failed.... no thank you.)

Oh and congratulations to Heidi, Johanne and Sarah for the decision to get baptized!


Zachariah Parry said...

You should look up the word beau, and then decide if that is what you really meant.

That blouse is really cute. You should put up more pictures of it on your blog. I feel like the four you did publish didn't really do it justice.

Jacob owes you an apology for pressuring you to do something you weren't comfortable doing and then leaving you hanging.

Thanks for updating your blog. I love it.

Jessica said...

Are those your shoes? No comment.

Eliza said...

I love you and I love your blog. You were rockin' out with the McCrackens huh? I think they are nice. I agree with Zach and I will take it a step further and say Jacob is a poo face. Who does that? I actually kind of like your shoes, but maybe only with that outfit, kay?

Jacob Parry said...

Thanks for making me sound like a jerk. I told you why I couldn't go. It was a last minute thing. Plus, I did apologize several times.

I love you...and so does my REALLY good friend.


Eliza said...

All of my children are really sarcastic.

Zachariah Parry said...

Mom should sign in as herself before she refers to her children.